Saturday, December 16, 2006

Borland Gauntlet

It looks as if Borland might have, in Gauntlet, something of an answer to the problems of software bugs:


Software is unstable, full of bugs and bloated. Developers spend so much time adding new features that software testing is a last minute thing. Even the mantra of "designed secure" has failed to really improve the quality of software - just witness the number of day zero attacks against Microsoft.

Enter Borland, which believes that it has the answer to your problems; if you're a software developer, that is. Gauntlet (there’s a Borland Quickstart for Gauntlet here) is a product that Borland acquired last year and has quickly progressed to a production release. This does mean that it has a "first version" feel at times but this doesn't detract from the core message. That message is: “test now, test often, test always”.

Well, here's hoping they do anyway, for there is far too much entirely crappy software out there. Never, ever, buy version x.0. Alwyas wait until x .1 at least.


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