Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Poker Online

Yes, yes, we all know that gambling on cards is fer the devil. Fine. Those who think that way can simply not do it. Those of us who do wish to should be allowed to get on with our own pleasures: we've not gone round banning Bible classes now have we?

Good, having sorted out the moral points now we get to the technical. If we are one of those minority that use Macs we're not quite as spoiled for choice about where we can play as those who use (spit) PCs.

Which brings us to Mac Poker. An excellent liitle site dedicated to showing both where and how you can play both online and using your Mac.

For example, if you're into Pacific Poker, or Full Tilt Poker, there are sections telling you all about those variations.

If you're a Mac user and you want to be able to play poker online, then this is a site you simply must check out.