Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Website Hosting

As a result of something I saw on the web today I'm thinking about setting up a YouTube clone. No, I'm not thinking about setting somethingup that then becomes hugely famous and thus makes me a fortune.

Rather, I'm interested in those video clips that the other sites won't host. They won't host them because their business model looks for the mass market. I, on the other hand, am not interested in the mass market, in fact, don't have a business plan. Rather, this might be a labour of love.

The problem here is that bandwidth costs money. Whether I look at business website hosting or personal website hosting, the costs of streaming video could be serious. It doesn't take long for bandwidth costs to become significant if thousands of people are looking at something as heavy as video.

But what is the idea, I hear you say? Simply, host all of the videos banned by the others. They won't annoy a government because, well, they need to be friends with governments, so that the population can see the mass of their stuff. We would show only those clips that governments didn't want people to see.

However, casting around for possibilities, I see that at this site for business website hosting, I can get two terrabytes of bandwidth for $75 a month. This seems to make the idea, at least to begin with, worthwhile.

Hmmmm. Should I do it or not?

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